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An universal power system is presented to extend the energy independence of any electric bicycle through continuous solar charging of the battery, making it independent.
With a sleek and simple design allows placement on any bike since the structure is secured to the saddle of the bike itself becoming an essential element that can not fail to enjoy cycling.

The solar modules provide an installed power of 40 W, specially designed for easy removal and use outside the cycling world situations, thus increasing its versatility. Its folding and lightness become the best ally of the amateurs of this sport.

The structure designed by CLAUSELL STUDIO is comprised of two wings where both solar modules are housed. An elegant form allows the rider maximum power generation by tilting as the sun impinges on one side or another. All in the most compact and distinguished way.

The set includes a waterproof bag locked in the frame of the metal structure. The bag has a zipper in its upper that provides access to its content to the user. Padding inside both sidewalls and in the bottom, two areas can be distinguished clearly; the first one and closer to the saddle the bicycle battery itself is housed together with the electric motor controller and a charge controller specifically designed for the company ENERGY TEXTILE allowing automatically adjust the input voltage from solar modules to the state of charge of the lithium ion battery of the bicycle, also in the second apartment, has several USB outputs to feed tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices cyclist.

Textil Energy